We cater for  individuals and organized groups such as NGO’s and Government organizations/institutions. We provide workshop/conference rooms/ halls  for groups of upto 1000 persons conveniently. Our rooms are self contained with centrally Solar heated water for the bath room shower. A study table, bedside lamp and  rectangular mosquito treated nets are provided to ensure your stay is great. The room lighting and the soft vinyl  of silk on the wall finish, blend creating a relaxing ambience. The rooms have satellite Television Channels for wide selection of programmes. Linen is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for that daily feel of freshness. 

 The Hotel Parking is spacious and is laden with Cement blocks to ensure that you remain in a clean environment. Shade nets are used to shield vehicles against blazing sun rays. There is a perimeter wall to increase security and to keep off possible idlers, CCTV camera are used to assist our day and night guards. The Holiday Guest House offers free wireless internet to our customers both individuals and corporate. We support the Greener  world initiative by planting more trees, maintaining open ground for grass lawns and flower bushes around the Holiday Guest House and the use of solar powered panels for heating, we are therefore environment conscious..   

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